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TasGain may interest many light aircraft pilots as they are usually inquisitive types who enjoy "looking under the bonnet".

This DOS program was written some years before the introduction of MS Windows, however, the program is fully accommodated in all versions of Windows.

Program Description:

It is of significant interest to pilots that, for a given power setting, flight at higher altitude results in an increase in airspeed. This gain in airspeed is available to aircraft fitted with normally aspirated piston engines, (maintaining normal engine rpm) progressively to about 7000' (lower for Fixed Pitch prop). The gain available to aircraft fitted with supercharged piston engines extends to significantly higher altitudes.

The rate of net increase, in the lower levels of the atmosphere is, in temperate latitudes, approx. 1.7% of calibrated airspeed (CAS) per 1000' increase in altitude. The initial default value for this coefficient in TasGain is set at 1.7% but can be changed to any value within the range of 0.0% - 2.0% in 0.1% increments. This value may also be edited during each program run.

The net benefit changes in accordance with the combined effect of a number of factors. This computer program provides for the input of relevant initial values and subsequently determines the cruise altitude that will return the shortest overall flight time. Excluding, for the moment, the effects of different wind velocities at different altitudes, the optimum altitude thus determined will be the consequence of a trade-off between;

(a) the increased True Air Speed (TAS) available at higher altitudes.

(b) the cost of slower TAS's incurred during the climb, (partially offset by higher descent TAS's).

Wind velocities at each 1000' level are accommodated in the calculations and the final determination is made by comparing total flight times, (through climb, cruise and descent) utilising all available cruise altitudes.

An extensive analysis covering all aspects of climb, cruise and descent is produced with full details available on screen and/or hard copy.

The integral on-screen manual, still listed in the menu was not completed and some information has been superseded.  However, the download zip file includes a complete up to date manual in MS Word format.  The full manual is also available on-screen as an html file, just click the link below.

Click here for TasGain Manual with detailed information on-screen

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This utility program tables precise times for;

First Light, Sunrise, Sunset, Last Light, duration of Twilight and hours

of sunshine for every day of the year at any specified location in Australia.

The tables are scrolled on screen and may be printed if required.

The download file is "" and contains 7 files (87Kb).

After unzipping,  please read "Read this first.txt" before proceeding.

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