The ultimate pigeon racing scoring system for the small to medium size club  ~

The software package is complete and is offered free of charge.

  The system is based on Microsoft's Excel and provides

       the ultimate in simplicity, speed and accuracy - and, it's Free!

   Distances are automatically filled out for each flyer with a

       need to change only the Lat/Long of the Liberation Point.

   Dates and Times are simply entered in the white cells with the results

       being instantly displayed on screen ready to be printed as required.

   The program automatically determines for each flyer;

       Distance, Net Race Time, Speed, Race Place, Race Points,

       Season Points Tally and Ranking, Aggregate Speed and Ranking,

       Fastest/Slowest Bird to Date and Times Behind the Winner (own course

       distance and winner's course distance).

   Racing Pigeon Clubs are able to customise their flyer's line-up and

       name plate etc.  See FREE download section below.

If you wish to trial this program, please e-mail me to obtain a password

to allow changes to be made to the flyers line up and name plate etc.

There are no costs involved:


Page 1 of 3 (screen display)


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Page 3 of 3 (screen display)



    30 Race Score Book (XLSX)

    Single Race Score Book (XLS)

    2 Birds Average Score Book (XLS)

    3 Birds per Flyer Score Book (XLS)

    Breeders Plate Style Score Book (XLS)


    Single Race Score Sheet Quick Start (PDF)

    30 Races Score Book Brochure (PDF)


    Latitude - Longitude Converter  (see below)


        Right click the file name

                  and  "Save Target As ..."

It is suggested that the Excel Spreadsheets be

 downloaded first rather than run from the server.

For optimum viewing of the spreadsheet

 select 120% Zoom in Excel.


The Single Race Score Book would be ideal to initially

trial, side-by-side, with your existing system.

Please contact me for assistance in setting up if required.

(see e-mail contact bottom of page)



If you download any of the score books above, please e-mail

me for a password which will give access to carry out

customisation of the score books to suit your club.

 - (no costs involved) -


Convert Latitude & Longitude between different formats

(see download link above)


For assistance or further information