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hear her beautiful rendition of  "True Colours".






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 rendition of the Hay War Memorial High School Song.



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Here's a touch of nostalgia for some who care to remember back more than 40 years.

This recording was made about 1963 in the Hay War Memorial Hall during a

rehearsal for a concert staged by The Hay Amateur Dramatic Society.

 The acoustics are not HiFi as the quality of recording equipment in

 that era was quite basic, however, Pat's rendition is superb.

Pat starred in several local musical productions during the 1960's, including such

major productions as "South Pacific" and "Oklahoma" as well as numerous

variety concerts, all staged by the Hay Amateur Dramatic Society.

Pat was a very close friend of the writer way back in the "60's" and it was a sad blow

indeed when Pat died suddenly in 1985.  However, Pat qualifies as a local in

accordance with the definition on my Home Page, "All artists referred to on

 this Home Page are either resident in Hay or are former residents".

Click here to listen to Pat's wonderful rendition of "Together".