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To view thumbnails of all my videos, click the icon to the right of the Play button, or when playing, hover mouse arrow over bottom margin.

Thumbnails from Left

Jake Murphy Flying Beach Barefoot Start (HD)

Charlie, Eddie and Thomas Murphy skiing behind Brian's boat on the Murrumbidgee River at Hay, N.S.W. Australia (31st January 2010). (SD)

Eddie Slalom Skiing (SD)

Eddie Slalom Skiing (HD)

Charlie, Eddie and Thomas Murphy skiing behind Brian's boat on the Murrumbidgee River at Hay, N.S.W. Australia (31st January 2010). (HD)

Claire McFarlane Scarlet Sunday (HD)

Show and Shine (Hay Sesquicentenary Celebrations 14th November 2009) (HD)

Murrumbidgee River from Speedboat (HD) - Bushy Bend to Brewery Park

Murrumbidgee River from Speedboat (SD) - Bushy Bend to Brewery Park

Hay Sesquicentenary Street Parade Nov 2009 (SD)

Speedboat on the Murrumbidgee at Hay (HD) - Cemetery Bend to Brewery Park


SD = Standard Definition                                 HD = High Definition (see more detail below)

YouTube Play Information

HD video files require faster transmission speeds during streaming to avoid 'buffering' delays. Some servers automatically adjust resolution and size after detecting slower transmission speeds.  When available, this facility obviously provides for broader application of HD format video files.

HD quality replay is far superior and is recommended in cases where transmission speeds allows.

TIP:  If you incur buffering delays when playing, press 'Pause' to allow the buffering to accumulate for a short period then drag the button in the red progress line back towards the beginning and release.

Further Information that may be of interest

Internet download speeds in common use in Australia vary from 256 to 20,000 Kilobits per second (kbs) with the choice of 1,500 to 8,000 kbs being popular with personal users and ranging up to 20,000 and beyond for keen hobbyists, business and professional use.

Download speeds can vary enormously depending on the particular Internet Service Provider's plan in use, and can further vary depending on the line conditions at the time (congestion).

Internet transmission speeds are normally stated using the "bit" as a unit of measure whereas computer users are more familiar with the "byte" as a unit of measure (the 'byte' is used exclusively when stating file sizes).

One byte comprises 8 bits - so it follows that if your Internet connection speed is 12,000 kbs then you can download 12,000 kilobits or 1,500 kilobytes (1.5 MB) per second.

Video and Audio files are very large when compared to text files (such as a document or system file).

One page of text requires only 27 KB (0.027 MB) to record the data in a text file whereas a 3 minute song recorded in CD quality requires a file size of 31,000 KB (31 MB).

Video clips can be compiled (rendered) to any one of a range of quality standards with each being dependant on image dimension and resolution.  A video clip compiled using an average image size and resolution commonly found on 'YouTube' would consume about 260 KB per second for a Standard Definition (SD) version and 1,867 KB per second for a High Definition (HD) version.  Note the huge difference in file sizes between SD and HD.  The HD video clip "Speedboat on the Murrumbidgee at Hay, NSW (HD)" runs for 8:20 Min - the uploaded file size was 958.2 MB).

It should be noted that YouTube convert all uploaded files to 'Flash Player' format (*.FLV) which are better suited for Internet transmission.  This process substantially reduces the file size, however the resultant FLV file is still quite large.  It is recommended that you check that you have Flash Player 10 or later installed.  Adobe offer a free download and installation from the following web site:

Adobe http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html.

Note that your browser may prompt you for permission to download and install (usually a yellow background line just below the browser heading).  Allow Active X to install the update.  Most Windows systems will already have Flash Player installed, however version 10 or later is required to play HD video files.  HD playback function was introduced in 'YouTube' in December 2009.

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