Chris's Awards


2010 May - "Dugga Boy" was selected to be hung in the 50th Annual Society Of Animal Artists Exhibition to be held at the San Diego Natural History Museum, California, USA August to October. It was awarded The Newcomer Award for a First Time Participant in this Exhibition.  It stood out because of its creativity of concept, dramatic use of light and colour, dynamic composition.  

2010 April 14 - "Tumblebug" was awarded a Jury Award at the Focus On Nature Exhibition at the New York State Museum - one of 13 were given and only two to Australians artists.  

2010 April - "Tumblebug" Selected for the Focus On Nature Exhibition at the New York State Museum, Albany, New York until October 31.  Seven artist from Australia selected to hang works, Chris the only one from NSW.  

2009 December - "Dugga Boy" was given the Runner-up Award at the Summer Exhibition at AGRA Gallery in Camberwell.  

2009 November - "Dugga Boy" won the Packing Room Prize at the Australian Art Excellence Exhibition AGRA Gallery. This drawing received the most popular number of votes for the People's Choice Award at this exhibition.  

2009 November - Chris qualified to enter three drawings into the Australian Art Excellence Awards at the Australian Guild for Realist Artists for 2009, 18th November ~ 6th December.   

2009 September - "A Young Australian" selected to hang in the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, New Jersey, USA until 20th December 2009.  

2009 May - Tupra Woolshed 1909 - 2007 won the People's Choice Award at the AGRA Drawing exhibition.  

2008 December - "Nature's Fury"  AGRA summer Exhibition, Best Painting in Exhibition.  

2008 November - "A Young Australian" Best Painting in the AGRA Medal of Excellence exhibition. 

2008 October - "Intimate Intent"   WASA Bronze Medal at the bi-annual exhibition.  

2008 July -  "A Young Australian"  QWASI Viewers Choice Award.  

2008 May - "Rhino Post Safari Lodge"  selected to hang at the AGRA Drawing Exhibition.  

2008 April - "A Conflict of Interest" AGRA  Autumn Exhibition, Runner up.  

2007 July - "Jock of the Bushveld"  AGRA Drawing Exhibition, Highly commended and Viewers' Choice Award.

2007 October - "Sovereignty in Peril"  Runner up at QWASI.   

2007 December - "Natural Intent"  Runner up in AGRA Summer Exhibition.  

2006 October - Selected to Exhibit at the Australian Guild of Realist Artist’s 'Australian Art Excellence' Awards for 2006 in Melbourne at AGRA, 1 Inglesby Road, Camberwell, Vic. 3124. Wildlife Art Society of Australasia, Wild Awards 4th Oct. ~ 5th November at Montsalvat Gallery, 7 Hillcrest Avenue, Eltham.  

2006 August - A finalist in the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize Adelaide with "Unique Australians" (112 out 568 entered).  

2006 June - "The Nursery" runner up at the AGRA Gallery’s Winter Exhibition.   

2006 May - "Storm Over Broken Stripes" was be featured in the Antiques & Arts Magazine and Art Gallery Magazine.

2006 May - Invited to exhibit his latest drawing "Morning Chill Over the Serengeti" in the 'Drawing; the Essential Art' Exhibition at AGRA  Gallery, Cnr. Camberwell & Inglesby Roads, Camberwell.

2006 April - Exhibition at Griffith Regional Art Gallery until 1st May.  Showing some early works of horses and all his later African & Australian wildlife works including some originals, prints and photocopies as the originals are now over in Africa.

2006 April/May - "Five Ants"  was selected to be hung at the Outback Art Prize in Broken Hill.

2006 Feb. - "Storm Over Broken Stripes" featured in The Australian Artist Magazine.

2005 - "I Dream of Africa - Jack's Camp" won Best in the Exhibition, '2005 Summer Exhibition', December 2005.

"A Cautious Approach" was judged the 'Best Exhibit in the exhibition' at the Queensland Wildlife Art Society International Exhibition1 called 'Nature In Art 2005 QLD, October 2005.

"A Cautious Approach” 'People's Choice of the most popular exhibit' at the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia exhibition held at the Australian Guild of Realist Artists Galleries, Camberwell in May 2005.  

2004 - "Tumblebug" was a winner in the 'B' Category at the "Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize" held in Adelaide. It was chosen out of 534 entries to be one of 104 finalists.  There were ten winners awarded prizes.  "Tumblebug" is a drawing of an African dung beetle with a ball of dung and an African Elephant looking at it over its shoulder.  It was drawn with graphite pencils.  

2003 - The Ink & Dot drawing of the "Lace Monitor" - one of 137 selected out of 450 entries into the South Australian Art Museum Natural Art Prize held in Adelaide in August. "Eye of the Matriarch" was given a Highly Commended Award at the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Annual exhibition held in Melbourne.  

Chris was asked to draw lodges of Isbindi Africa Lodges at Kruger National Park in South Africa as well as lodges and Hotels in the Mantis collection.  

2002 - To Zimbabwe to draw three new lodges for Landela at Lake Kariba.  

2001 - To Botswana to draw the two new lodges in the Okavango Delta for Landela.

2000 - To Botswana to draw the three Walking Trails and Camps for Landela.

1998 - 1999  To Zimbabwe and Botswana to draw Landela lodges.   

1997 - To Zimbabwe for the African Safari Magazine to draw Pamuzinda Safari Lodge.  Chris was asked to design the front cover for the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia.  He drew "Eastern Bearded Dragon". The Limited Edition Print set of four drawings won the Golden Award at the National Prints Awards for 1996.

1996 - "River Horses" won the Catani Drawing Award at the annual Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Exhibition held in Melbourne.